Baby Giggles

I am a new mom, so every little thing my little love does is enchanting. However, last night was the start of a new phase, the phase of baby giggles. To date, a quick catch of his breath is all that’s indicated his joy. Last night that changed. Big belly laughs erupt when I kiss his tummy repeatedly or wiggle my nose against his. Even writing about it makes my stomach bottom out in joy. Every day he changes. Every day is new with a 3.5 month old. (Sorry, yes I did refer to him using half months. Hey, at least I’m not still counting in weeks.) He is a patient, sweet, little ball of love. And now I, his mother, know he delights in the world around him. I know it. He tells me. With his adorable, sweet baby giggles he tells me.

Yep… my eyes are misty. I love this little person. I revel in every moment. I am blessed to be his mom.


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